4 Ways to Steal Your Competitor's Social Media Followers

Social media is a great tool for boosting a company's online presence, build their brand, drive traffic to one's website, and close sales. However, building a decent following is challenging.

One effective way to build a following is to tap into an already existing base – that of the competition – and convince their followers to choose you instead. Here are four ways on how you can steal your competitor's followers.

1. Start Casting Your Networking Net

Successful business owners have one particular skill in common – they're all expert networkers. So if you want your company to grow, you have to start casting your net and begin networking. Reach out to sites that are in a similar area of interest, as well as other overlapping niches.

The first step to your networking journey would be to scope out the competition and learn more about them and their followers. One way to do this is to follow them on social media. You can also search Google for competitors which have the most active fan base and community. There's a lot to learn from observing your rivals, like how often they post or how reactive they are to their followers. From there, you can pinpoint which followers have the most influence or the most active. You can then reach out and start engaging with them.

2. Share Information to Develop Relationships
You want to develop good relationships with your social media followers...
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